High Slope Slope

Strengthening the capacity of geogrids and geotextiles Fortgrid ® Fortex ® high modulus is used to reinforce soil layers in the formation of high gradient slopes allowing the construction of embankments steeper than the angle of repose, saving materials and increasing the stability condition.

The interaction of Fortgrid ® geogrids and high modulus geotextiles with soil Fortex ® achieves high gradient structures, with a stability condition under control, thanks to the low creep of high strength materials available.

The slopes of high reinforced soil slope are suitable alternatives for cases that require high-rise form fillers. Most earthy slopes unreinforced structures and natural slopes can present landslide phenomena, even though they have physical and mechanical properties of acceptable.

The high gradient slopes are used for:

• Preventing the release of wedges of material on the slope in saturated condition or effect of drying.
• Decrease in the base area required for the development of a landfill.
• Expand the existing embankment crown benches along the hillside path within the right of way previously acquired
• Confine the face of the embankments to achieve the mechanical arrangement that occurs in the compaction and ensure its long-term stability
• Construction of embankments on marginal soils under winter conditions